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Dan Snyder is the Founder and Designer of Corridor, a clothing brand based in New York City. Dan has a fascinating and unique story. While working full time for Homeland Security and later the FBI, he taught himself how to make his own shirts and then launched his own company - Corridor - at night and on his weekends. Now he runs the company full time and sells his shirts through 80 retailers in 16 countries, as well as his own website. We do a deep dive into his story, how he started and built his company, and his creative process.

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While in College, Alex Radelich and Dalton Lemert started and created Acts of Random Kindness, a non-profit where they do random acts of kindness for people around the country. With their home and office being in an RV, they drive from city to city helping random strangers and making people's day. These guys are a great reminder and proof that so much happiness, fulfillment, and amazing career opportunities can come from simply helping and serving other people. 

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Margot Leitman is a professional storyteller, comedian, writer and teacher. She's one of the top storytelling performers and coaches in Los Angeles, and is sought after by a wide range of companies, producers, and TV shows that need coaching, guidance, and consulting on how to improve stories within shows. I discovered Margot through reading one of her recent books, "Long Short Story", which then led me to taking one of her classes. She has a really inspiring story, about following her interests and staying authentic to who she is throughout her career - which has led to her success. 

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Gillian Zoe Segal is a photographer and author of two books: Getting There: A Book of Mentors and New York Characters. In this interview, she shares how she got into photography and became a published author (when everyone told her she wasn't ready yet),  and how that led to the creation of her two books. In her most recent book, Getting There, she interviewed some of the most distinguished and sought after people in the world, from Warren Buffet to Anderson Cooper, and shares personal essays about their lives. 

She's a master at getting around gatekeepers and getting in front of the world's most successful people, and we talk about how she does it, the importance of being resilient, and other big lessons she's learned throughout her journey. 

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Matt Wigham is the Co-founder and CEO of Big Cartel, a company that enables artists to set up their own online shop and sell their work. Today, Big Cartel has had over $1 billion in store sales since it launched, and $13 is made every second from one of their artists. Ironically, Matt never intended on Big Cartel becoming the massive company it is today. Originally, it started out as a side project and hobby, and thought it would be a way to help support and work with bands. It's a great story of a guy that simply followed his interests, kept creating things, worked hard, and was patient. 

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Ondi Timoner, one of the greatest documentary filmmakers of our time, has won awards from festivals around the world including the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance twice. Some of her films include DIG!, We Live In Public, and Brand: A Second Coming to name a few. She's the Founder ofInterloper Films, a full service production company, and A Total Disruption, a network for entrepreneurs and artists documenting the top-thought leaders driving the greatest revolution in the history of mankind with technology. She also hosts and produces BYOD (Bring Your Own Doc), the only documentary talk show in the world (and one of my personal favorites).  On top of all that, she's a single mother, and raising a great family. 

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Josh Roush is not only a long time bud of mine, but the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Movetic, a full service creative agency based in San Diego. It was only a couple years ago that Josh quit his job, and decided he was going to start his own agency with one of his close friends, Andrew DiPalo. Sure enough, two years later, the business is thriving. This of course, makes for a perfect episode of the BUDCAST series on Story Riot. Josh and I discuss topics ranging from being on the exec board of our fraternity together in college, to what it's like running his own business, to how the idea of work-life balance seems to be a myth. 

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Jerry Rothwell is an award winning documentary filmmaker. His films include Donor Unknown, Heavy Load, Deep Water, Town of Runners, and more recently, How To Change The World. His films have been nominated and have won awards at film festivals ranging from Sundance to Hot Docs. We discuss how his childhood influenced his career and films, how his brush with cancer changed his life, and the importance of getting started, taking action and being patient as you learn over time. 


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Zach is the Founder of Live A Great Story - a brand that creates and shares stories, hosts events, and inspires people to make life a little more interesting. After dropping out of college in Texas, Zach explored various business ideas, traveled, and eventually moved to San Diego. After many failed attempts to land a job at marketing firms, he spray painted the phrase, "Live A Great Story" on a wall in San Diego as a fun idea, and it quickly became a local obsession. Eventually, he decided to run with the idea, turning it into the business that it is today. 

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Brian Chase is the drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, one of the great rock bands of the 21st century. Brian got his start at 5 years old, when he took his first drum lesson, and has never looked back since. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released 4 albums, have been nominated for 3 grammies, have headlined major festivals, all the while maintaining their ability to create and perform incredible timeless music.

We dive into how Brian got into drums, joined the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, what it's like playing in front of thousands of people, how he stays focused, and his thoughts on self-doubt.  

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Ethan Nadelmann is the Founder and Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a non-profit based in NYC that has been leading the fight to end the war on drugs. Ethan and his team have played huge roles in most of the major drug policy reform ballet initiatives in the U.S. on around issues ranging from medical marijuana and legalization to prison reform. He’s been all over the news and media ranging from The O’Reilly Factor and Colbert Report to podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience or his popular Ted Talk - Why We Need To End the War on Drugs

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Born and raised in a world surrounded by violence, drugs, foster homes and crime - Jimmy pulled himself out of a reality the majority of us wouldn't survive. He realized he had a passion for film in his early 20's, and committed his career and life to becoming a professional actor. Now at 40 years old, it's finally becoming a reality for him. We discuss his childhood and how he navigated his way through it, how he discovered his passion, how difficult it was to stay on his path in his 30's, and the success and momentum he's now finally beginning to see. 

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From promoting concerts, to becoming a record executive, to managing the platinum selling rock band Incubus, Steve 'Renman' Rennie has clocked in over 35 years in the music industry. Today, he runs Renman Music and Business - a mentoring platform that helps aspiring artists and professionals succeed in today's music business. 

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#18: Bill Detamore on Making Drums for Legendary Bands, Being Authentic, and Creating an Iconic Brand

Bill Detamore is the founder of Pork Pie Percussion, one of today's most legendary and successful drum and percussion companies. All of his drum sets are custom, hand made, and used by some of the greatest drummers and bands around the world - ranging from Guns N Roses to Bob Dylan. This is a great story about a man who took his passion for music and drums, and turned it into a hugely successful company and brand. 

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Rober J. Barnhart is the producer and creator of the new documentary and educational film, A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin, which explores the treatment of end-of-life anxiety in terminally ill cancer patients using the psychedelic compound psilocybin (otherwise known as mushrooms). 

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In this episode of the Story Riot Podcast, I chat with Nick Maher, who's one of the co-producers and hosts of Unplanned America, a travel show about 3 Australians who drive across the United States with no plan or money. This is a fascinating story about a group of guys who decided to take a chance and film their own TV show, with no budget, celebrity endorsement, and extremely limited gear. It serves as a great reminder that we have no excuse not to create our own project - whatever that might be. 

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John is a Producer, DJ, and Co-Founder of Disco Naps and Next Wave. Chase is both John's manager, and runs a drone review website - Both guys are good friends from college, both are creative, entrepreneurial, hilarious and entertaining. We decided to call it the Budcast - where I will be occasionally throwing my good friends who are Story Riot worthy into the hot seat(s). ENJOY. 

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David is one of my favorite photographers. Both because of what he shoots - often amazing and intense photos of bands playing live - and what he represents - hard work, and persistence. After he graduated from college, he picked up a camera, and started charging any and every show that he could in L.A., shooting hundreds of artists, and teaching himself photography throughout the process. His instagram account - MINIVAN photography - has gained a strong local following, and showcases some of the most badass, intense and all around interesting photos of bands you'll find online. 

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Today, Mike Rothman is a successful TV producer, specializing in live shows. However, he's had anything but a typical life, from dropping out of high school to overcoming a drug addiction - which makes for one hell of a life and story. Mike is a great example of how hard work pays off, and that we can always change directions in life and jump onto a different and more productive path (regardless of our circumstances, age, career, etc.). 

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After building and co-founding the sunglasses powerhouse William Painter, Zach left to pursue and fulfill what he truly loves - which is helping people. Today, he's a life and career coach for many, and helps people find clarity, focus, and live all around awesome more fulfilling lives. 

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Charlie Todd is the creator and man behind Improv Everywhere, a wildly successful YouTube channel and prank collective which causes public scenes of chaos, fun and weirdness throughout New York city and beyond. Charlie created the show in 2001, and it has since completed over 100 large scale missions, and has started viral movements around the world - like not wearing pants on subways. Charlie is also a regular at UCB in NYC, and Executive Produced 'The Middle of the Night Show' on MTV. 

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Richard Wiseman is a Professor of Psychology, author of several best selling Psychology books (including 59 seconds, Paranormality, The Luck Factor), and creator of the popular YouTube channel Quirkology, which is pushing 2 million subscribers. How he went from being a professional magician, to a getting a PhD in Psychology is quite the story. His thoughts on topics ranging from death and exorcisms, to consciousness and being lucking are interesting, insightful and always entertaining. 

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Jeff Tanner has had a long career as a producer, working on music videos for big artists ranging from P. Diddy to AC/DC, to big budget commercials. More recently, he launched a wine company with his friend called Tanner DaFoe. Although he was new to the wine business, Jeff and his partner saw some immediate success due to the care and detail they placed into making their wine. We discuss how he went from traveling the country as a kid and going to law school, to his first job as a production assistant and starting a wine company from scratch. ENJOY. 

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The full story behind the hugely successful and viral game, Cards Against Humanity, and the personal story and thoughts behind one of their eight co-founders, Max Temkin. This is an awesome story about a group of friends, and how through creating something for their own entertainment, ended up building an extremely profitable business that sets an example for what a successful company should be in many ways. If you haven't played the game before, you can download it for free off their website - or of course, buy the game online and dive in. 

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In this episode I chat with James and Rachel from Idletheorybus - an Instagram account which documents their travels across the backcountry of the United States in their classic VW bus. These two are the real deal. They live simply, own very little and live below the "American poverty line", and are showing the world that it's not only possible, but an amazing way of life. 

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#6: Josey Orr - Dyer and Jenkins

Josey Orr is the co-founder of Dyer and Jenkins, a popular men's clothing brand, which specializes in raw denim jeans, shirts, jackets, and more - all of which is made from beginning to end in America. They also run a large and growing Instagram account, and coined the tagline "Forge Your Own Path" - which I dig. We talk about his whole story, from growing up on his family owned scrap yard, to rehab and loosing everything, to his first and now second company. ENJOY! 

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In this episode I sit down with Barry Schwartz, who is a Psychologist, author, and Professor of Social Theory and Social Action. He's famous for several viral Ted Talks including "The Paradox of Choice", "The Way We Think About Work is Broken", and "Our Loss of Wisdom" which have each racked up millions of views. 

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A Los Angeles native and legend, Jay Griffith is a well known and successful landscape designer. Today he does work for people such as Brad Pitt and Tom Ford, however many years ago he got his start laying brick for a guy in the Hollywood Hills, while working part time at a porn theater. He's also the only guy I know who owns both a mini horse and goat. 

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At 23 years old, Delilah Cannon is the head chef at Skid Row’s Union Rescue Mission, the largest private homeless shelter in the nation. We talk about how she went from wanting to star in her own cooking show on the food network, and working in entertainment, to now feeding between 1,000 - 2,000 homeless people every day, sometimes 7 days a week.

Intro Music is done by TallBoy, check him out:

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#2: Patrick Lynch - Entrepreneur and Executive Producer

Patrick Lynch is the co-founder and executive producer at Believe Limited, a digital content agency, which produces content and shows geared towards engaging and inspiring youth in the bleeding disorders community.

Intro Music is done by TallBoy, check him out:

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Joe Piscatella, a successful writer in the movie industry, has both written and done re-writes on films for Disney, DREAMWORKS Animation, and Sony Animation. In 2011, he began producing and directory his first feature documentary, #ChicagoGirl, which premiered in November of 2013. It has since aired in over 40 countries, has won numerous awards, and is now on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, and other VOD platforms.

Intro Music is done by TallBoy, check him out:

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