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April 2015
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After building and co-founding the sunglasses powerhouse William Painter, Zach left to pursue and fulfill what he truly loves - which is helping people. Today, he's a life and career coach for many, and helps people find clarity, focus, and live all around awesome more fulfilling lives. 

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Charlie Todd is the creator and man behind Improv Everywhere, a wildly successful YouTube channel and prank collective which causes public scenes of chaos, fun and weirdness throughout New York city and beyond. Charlie created the show in 2001, and it has since completed over 100 large scale missions, and has started viral movements around the world - like not wearing pants on subways. Charlie is also a regular at UCB in NYC, and Executive Produced 'The Middle of the Night Show' on MTV. 

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Richard Wiseman is a Professor of Psychology, author of several best selling Psychology books (including 59 seconds, Paranormality, The Luck Factor), and creator of the popular YouTube channel Quirkology, which is pushing 2 million subscribers. How he went from being a professional magician, to a getting a PhD in Psychology is quite the story. His thoughts on topics ranging from death and exorcisms, to consciousness and being lucking are interesting, insightful and always entertaining. 

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Jeff Tanner has had a long career as a producer, working on music videos for big artists ranging from P. Diddy to AC/DC, to big budget commercials. More recently, he launched a wine company with his friend called Tanner DaFoe. Although he was new to the wine business, Jeff and his partner saw some immediate success due to the care and detail they placed into making their wine. We discuss how he went from traveling the country as a kid and going to law school, to his first job as a production assistant and starting a wine company from scratch. ENJOY. 

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The full story behind the hugely successful and viral game, Cards Against Humanity, and the personal story and thoughts behind one of their eight co-founders, Max Temkin. This is an awesome story about a group of friends, and how through creating something for their own entertainment, ended up building an extremely profitable business that sets an example for what a successful company should be in many ways. If you haven't played the game before, you can download it for free off their website - or of course, buy the game online and dive in. 

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In this episode I chat with James and Rachel from Idletheorybus - an Instagram account which documents their travels across the backcountry of the United States in their classic VW bus. These two are the real deal. They live simply, own very little and live below the "American poverty line", and are showing the world that it's not only possible, but an amazing way of life. 

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#6: Josey Orr - Dyer and Jenkins

Josey Orr is the co-founder of Dyer and Jenkins, a popular men's clothing brand, which specializes in raw denim jeans, shirts, jackets, and more - all of which is made from beginning to end in America. They also run a large and growing Instagram account, and coined the tagline "Forge Your Own Path" - which I dig. We talk about his whole story, from growing up on his family owned scrap yard, to rehab and loosing everything, to his first and now second company. ENJOY! 

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In this episode I sit down with Barry Schwartz, who is a Psychologist, author, and Professor of Social Theory and Social Action. He's famous for several viral Ted Talks including "The Paradox of Choice", "The Way We Think About Work is Broken", and "Our Loss of Wisdom" which have each racked up millions of views. 

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A Los Angeles native and legend, Jay Griffith is a well known and successful landscape designer. Today he does work for people such as Brad Pitt and Tom Ford, however many years ago he got his start laying brick for a guy in the Hollywood Hills, while working part time at a porn theater. He's also the only guy I know who owns both a mini horse and goat. 

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At 23 years old, Delilah Cannon is the head chef at Skid Row’s Union Rescue Mission, the largest private homeless shelter in the nation. We talk about how she went from wanting to star in her own cooking show on the food network, and working in entertainment, to now feeding between 1,000 - 2,000 homeless people every day, sometimes 7 days a week.

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#2: Patrick Lynch - Entrepreneur and Executive Producer

Patrick Lynch is the co-founder and executive producer at Believe Limited, a digital content agency, which produces content and shows geared towards engaging and inspiring youth in the bleeding disorders community.

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Joe Piscatella, a successful writer in the movie industry, has both written and done re-writes on films for Disney, DREAMWORKS Animation, and Sony Animation. In 2011, he began producing and directory his first feature documentary, #ChicagoGirl, which premiered in November of 2013. It has since aired in over 40 countries, has won numerous awards, and is now on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, and other VOD platforms.

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